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Matthew Braswell

Editor in Chief

Meet Matt! He is a hardcore gamer turned programmer turned editor-in-chief at GetSuperBook. When not on his laptop he’s talking about them and answering people’s questions about them.

James Avery

Laptop export

The lead editor for the laptop team at GetSuperBook, Avery has been an integral part since the beginning. With 5 years of experience at one of the biggest IT firms, his experience, MBA in IT, and love for tech make him the ideal person to help you guys make better buying decisions.

About GetSuperBook

You are looking for unbiased, fair reviews and at GetSuperBook our goal is to give you just that, whether it is gaming laptops or other professional laptops (call us tech geeks or nerds, we are proud of it).

The reason we can guarantee you will get the best value for money is our strong team of editors and researcher. Each of them has a 5+ years of experience in their field.

Whether it is somone who has been geeking out on games like Fortnite and PUBG for years or someone that has spend a lot of time working at the Top IT firms and even has an education degree in Information technology, we rely only on people with hands-on experience.

We aren’t here to just talk about the cool stuff. Our detailed reviews include both the good and the bad about laptops and gadgets for every budget and need. Once you have gone through the reviews it is up to you to decide what best suits your needs and pocket.

In fact, why don’t you be part of the growing community, put your reviewing skills to the test, and share your experience and reviews in our comments section? We can always use a helping hand from our awesome readers (yes, even we can miss out on stuff at times).

How We Choose Laptops?

Building trust and being the one-stop solution for all your laptops if our goal (yes, you have all that before, we know) but GetSuperBook we are trying to make a difference. Yes, we too rely on commission made from purchase but that will never be the basis for choosing a product (we’ll say it as it is to your your face).

After all, our rigorous and unbiased review system is our pride. We’ll also update each review on a regular basis to ensure you get to know about all the latest updates even if the product is old. And if you cannot find any detail, shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you within 24hrs.

Here are a few thing we guarantee you:

  • We do not deal directly with brands and none of our articles our sponsored by them.
  • Our selection is based on user reviews, our hands-on testing (for most laptops), and various generic factors like design, performance, etc.
  • The reviews our the combination of what we and other users have been saying and not what the brands want you to hear.
  • If a laptop isn’t worth the money or time, you’ll know.
  • And lastly, if you think we are being complacent or have some info wrong. Shoot us an email via this contact page we’ll have it resolved ASAP (yup, every reader is also our editor).

How we rate laptops?

To keep things simple, we have a 5-star review system which is usually based on the design, performance, durability, battery life, and so on (and we are not afraid to give a 1-star rating). You may see ratings vary for the same laptop across articles. This is because we also scrutinize each product based on user intent.

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