MSI Vs ASUS: Which is the Better Brand in 2022?

MSI vs ASUS: The Main Differences

MSI is a market leader for gaming laptops, while Asus makes good convertible laptops and Chromebooks. MSI laptops deliver an incredible gaming experience because of their powerful graphics cards and RAM. What is common in Asus laptops is the Xonar sound cards.

MSI and ASUS are both great brands that have a lot in common and some unique features. They are popular laptop brands that have distinct designs and make powerful laptops.

Their differences lie in price ranges, functionality, market share, durability, and value for money. Below is a detailed analysis of the two brands.

We will consider each brand’s build quality. Pros and cons will also be explored, among other factors. Will it be MSI or ASUS for you?


Gaming laptops

If you are looking for a gaming laptop, you need to take your time as you compare different laptops from MSI and ASUS. MSI is perfect for graphics and robust processors.

They set the bar high for performance and GPU. This makes for a gaming experience that is much better than just a standard laptop with standard graphics. MSI gives you a player-centric, wide range of laptops.

Paying particular attention to the MSI GS65 Stealth -432 gaming laptop. It is quite thin, powerful, and has a great design. You have the ability to play your Android games on the laptop as they are supported.

It is operated under the 9th generation 6 core processor, making it lightning quick and just as powerful. It has a silky glass touchpad that gives it a stylish look.

What also makes it sleek is the golden logo, gold trim hinges, and golden exhaust design. The Cooler Boost Trinity feature allows the laptop to cool whenever heat rises whilst the laptop is in use.

A fair match would be the Asus Zephyrus G14 that comes with a non-glare Full HD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX, and 512GB storage. It has a powerful battery that has a long life.

The performance is amazing. It is also thin and lightweight. However, it has no Webcam, and the fans can be noisy, which is annoying.

Although I strongly recommend MSI for gaming, I cannot ignore the fact that ASUS has some worthwhile gaming devices, including convertible laptops and powerful Chromebooks.

They cater to both business and entertainment. You have the ability to control your display mode and enjoy almost every game on your laptop, thanks to the high-quality graphics cards. 

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For Business Laptops

For business devices, I prefer ASUS to MSI. Taking a closer look at ASUS ZenBook Pro 14, you might have the same conviction as well.

The reason why ZenBook laptops are best described as business laptops is the fact that they were made with business in mind rather than games and one such example is the Asus ZenBook Pro 14.

It is slim, which makes it lightweight. Weight plays a major role in business laptops. Business does not mean spending the whole day seated on your chair.

In construction or entertainment, you might have to be mobile. You cannot afford to have a heavy laptop on your arms for hours.

The ZenBook laptop allows you to write down notes using your hand. This is so convenient that you might not have to strain yourself typing.

That is one of the things we loved about it. Apps are straightforward to control with the navigator. You have easy access to the number key.

Multiple ports make your work easier as it allows you to transfer data and power at the same time at higher speeds.

In comparison with the Asus Zenbook Pro 14, there is the MSI WS75 series. It is more powerful, flexible, and convenient.

What makes it the best amongst other MSI laptops is that it strikes a great balance between cost and performance.

It comes with 64GB RAM, which is more memory for your work documents. However, it is a bit heavier, which is not good when it comes to mobility.

For Budget Laptops

MSI has laptops for every user’s budget. If you are into gaming, you need to know what you are looking for.

Professional gamers may resort to GT75 Titan or the new and advanced GS Stealth Ultra Thin laptop that gives you a great laptop that is quite compact and portable. These laptops come at steep prices. It now depends on the user.

The questions you have to ask yourself are: Is it essential for my needs? Can I do without it? Does it offer what I am really looking for? Is it within my budget?

If your budget does not allow you to get any of the above laptops, you can try the mid-range laptops. These include the MSI GS63 Leopard, GL63, and the GF75 Thin.

You have it thin regardless of the price. Some laptops suit low budgets, such as the MSI G63 Thin that has a great combination of good performance and thin edges.

Not only do you get laptops that match your budget from MSI, but you can have them on ASUS. The VivoBook L203MA is the one for a meager budget. You can still have an advanced laptop such as the convertible Vivobook Flip 14. Just like its name, you can flip it.

When it comes to games, you can consider ASUS FX505DD, ASUS TUF FX505DT, or the 2019 ASUS ROG G531GT. Professionals can use the ASUS Mothership or the ROG Hero III.

For Chromebooks

MSI does not make Chromebooks. ASUS is the one that manufacturers Chromebooks. It allows a laptop to run a lightweight operating system.

Light computers do support the system when it comes to the internet and gaming. The advantage is that they come at a low budget.

They are convenient and meet low budgets is not the only reason you have to consider when you want a laptop. You need to understand if the laptop is going to meet all your needs.

If your needs are limited to browsing the web and other minor functions, it might just be the one for you. The operating system can be useful for certain activities. It is perfect for a business environment.


Paying particular attention to the MSI brand, it has multiple features that allow you to experiment so that you get the best out of it. You are not restricted to certain measures, but you have the freedom to get adventurous with the gadget.

The new cooling systems make it user-friendly and more advanced. The light feature, 2.40GHz refresh rate, and Killer DoubleShot Pro make it so incredible that you can swiftly transition to be a technical user even if you had no clue before using MSI.

Because most laptops are a bit thick, MSI introduced an MSI GS65 Stealth Thin laptop that is very slim on all four sides.

Even though it is ultra-thin, it maintains the position of the webcam. What makes the MSI incredible is that it has the MSI App Player that makes it possible to run Android apps on your windows laptop.

When it comes to ASUS, the screen pad is made up of a touchpad that allows you to control your music and any other services provided. The display is quite awesome. It encourages you to keep using the laptop. It is not boring.

One of its best laptops is the ZenBook S13, which is very slim and made up of top-the-range graphics. It also has one of its laptops with a detachable keyboard. This gives those who are into games more comfort.

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ASUS VS MSI Motherboards

MSI comes with GPUs and pre-builds. You do not have to meet steep prices to get a nice board. The boards are best described as value for money. Great quality and maximum performance are what you get from the best

MSI motherboards. You can even modify the system by adding the RGB software. It becomes more advanced and fancy, but this is now a personal choice, not a mandate.

Asus motherboards made up of powerful VRM modules with different processes, and you can choose the one that meets your budget. However, the most powerful motherboard that comes with the RGB software comes at a steep price.

Stability is what differentiates the two brands.

MSI is good for stability and overclocking. However, this feature is only applicable to high-end motherboards. ASUS is also good for stability. Some could argue that it is better than the MSI laptops.

ASUS has multiple important software solutions. Between the two, ASUS has the greatest granular software solutions. This is made possible by the Al Suite 3 feature that it has.

MSI vs ASUS Motherboards: Warranty

MSI has a one-year warranty, whereas the ASUS has different warranties for all its boards. Most of them have a 3-year warranty.

The TUF and TUF Gaming series motherboards come with a longer warranty period of 5 years.

During the 1-year warranty period, MSI laptops are accompanied by free tech support and an incident of accidental damage that gives you replacement and repair.

MSI Pros and Cons


  • Great quality
  • Reliable
  • Great graphics
  • Great gaming
  • Maximum speed
  • Great color display


  • Low battery life
  • Motherboards are not that resilient.

ASUS Pros and Cons


  • Long battery life
  • Wide range of laptops that serve different needs for users
  • Durable
  • Premium laptops
  • Xonar sound cards
  • Business-oriented laptops


  • Specifically for gaming
  • High-end graphics are not found on all laptops.


Which is a better MSI or ASUS?

To be truly helpful, I can safely answer this question by saying, what meets your major needs is the best for you. For gaming, it is the MSI, and the ASUS has a wide range of laptops with specific strengths when it comes to functions. It is a good brand when it comes to both entertainment and business.

Which brand attracts a low budget?

Both brands have laptops that attract any budget. However, ASUS has more laptops that attract low budget users. The fact that MSI laptops come at a price above the ASUS laptop can be justified because they offer faster, more robust devices.

Do MSI laptops last longer?

MSI generally makes pricier and sturdier devices. In most cases, they will last longer than ASUS ones. That is something backed by their warranty cover. Another telling sign is the number of MSI laptops available on the second-hand market. That is a good indicator of durability.


Considering the above-detailed comparison, I believe that ASUS offers better laptops to low-budget users than MSI. ASUS has strong motherboards that can withstand various types of pressure. It has laptops that have long-life batteries and gives users a better value for their money.

However, that might not guarantee better performance. MSI is largely for gaming, has high speeds, great color schemes, and impressive durability.

The last thing you should get is a laptop that comes without an SSD. It goes a long way when it comes to the speed of the device.

While you may not get the same cooling system on a laptop that a pc might have, this one of the key features of gaming laptops.

It gives longevity to your graphics card and other core technology that is key for is required when you play games on your new laptop.

We encourage you to have a list of features and preferences that each device must meet as part of your buying decision.

Higher demanding tasks such as video editing require high-level intel core processors. You want something that will breeze through the tasks. You can get them from both Asus and MSI.

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