How To Make Fortnite Run Better on Laptop/PC

Fortnite ranks among popular battle royale games of the current generation. It’s easy to see why. Besides being available on numerous platforms, including mobile, the game is free-to-play, low graphical settings needs and less demanding in specs required to run it. Consequently, it has amassed a vast following of budding and seasoned users.

Every Frame Rate counts for Fortnite. Noteworthy, running the game at optimal levels is a sure way of gaining a competitive edge in the battleground.

As such, if a player is experiencing gaming issues with your device or are desirous of boosting Fortnite’s performance, this post is meant for them. We will give you the most sound, effective, quick, and easy ways to make Fortnite run better by making the necessary tweaks.

How To Make Fortnite Run Better 

Ensure your Laptop meets system requirements for Fortnite

Before downloading the game; it is imperative to check whether your device supports it.

To give you a brief, you should be able to run the game on an i3 machine with Intel HD 4000 graphics card, 4GB RAM, and 128GB SSD which are the minimal requirements.

Tweak Your In-Game Settings.

To make Fortnite run flawlessly, adjusting the game settings may be a viable option. It would be best if you pursued the following series of steps to achieve your purpose.

  1. Commence the process by launching Fortnite, proceed to the Main Menu on the top right corner, and click. A gear-shaped settings icon should be visible.
  1. Right Click on the settings icon to view the settings menu.
  1. Head to the video section and make the necessary adjustments. The tips below will prove very helpful.
  • Lowering the quality presets: As the game offers a range of image quality presets, setting the same to the low end or medium will better the performance. However, on the flip side, it may diminish image visual quality.
  • Lowering the resolution: The pre-requisite here is to ensure that the game is on full-screen mode. After that, you may reduce the resolution; for instance, if you were playing at 1440p display resolution, consider turning it down to 1080p. After all, the framerate takes precedence over image quality here. You will see an improvement once the resolution drops.
  • Toggle the framerate limit to unlimited.
  • Lower the 3D resolution: This affects the quality of the rendered image in the game.
  • Vsync: To prevent the avoidable perils of input lag, Vsync should be turned off.
  • Textures: As is the case with other games, lowering the texture does not negatively impact the framerate. Consequently, setting the high resolution textures to low will prove helpful in running Fortnite better.
  • View Distance: This involves the objects in the game as opposed to the characters and is the distance at which such objects are rendered. This should be set to far or epic. However, this adjustment is optional since it is not impactful on the game.
  • Shadows: Having exquisite shadows may be a great thing to behold during gaming. However, you may sacrifice the same on the altar of performance. Setting the shadows off should guarantee you  performance gains.
  • Effects: This feature has everything to do with the sound of rocket propulsion, gunfire, and explosions, among other things. Indeed they make the game more exciting and addictive. However, if you’re experiencing gaming issues and would love to see Fortnite run better, dropping the effects to low will aid you in your quest.
  • Post-processing: Post-processing is a blanket terminology used by developers to refer to a range of techniques they employ to make the game’s environments appear more appealing. This graphics-intensive element is noticed when you get stuck in The Storm. It should be set to low or turned off altogether for enhanced performance.
  • Anti-aliasing- should be turned off.

After you have the settings adjusted, save the same, and restart the game. You will notice the changes as you battle out monsters.

Update Video Card Drivers   

Updating your Intel or Nvidia video card drivers is impactful on the performance given that corrupt and outdated drivers are detrimental to the FPS and, more often than not, occasion significant lag spikes.

Updating the same has been made simple courtesy of Drive Easy, which automatically scans the system and drivers. You need to download Drive Easy, install it, launch it and click on the scan now button.

Afterward, all available updates are displayed on the window, granting you an opportunity to select those you wish to update. Easy as pie!

Stop CPU/RAM Demanding Applications

Click Ctrl+Alt+Del to open the task manager. This action displays all the running apps and the amount of CPU, RAM, and Network they are consuming. 

To close them, you need to right-click on the app then select “end task” from the consequential drop-down menu. Once you free up the RAM, you should also consider allocating more RAM to Fortnite to further boost performance.

Adjust Your Windows Settings

Modifying your Windows Advanced System Settings boosts your device’s gaming performance. To do so, follow this simple process;

  • Press the Windows logo key + R.
  • On the ‘Run’ dialog box, key in ‘Control Panel’ and press enter.
  • After that, click on ‘Systems and Security’ then select ‘System.’
  • On our left, just below the ‘Control Panel Home,’ click on ‘Advanced System Settings.’
  • A ‘Systems Properties’ window pops up, on which you select ‘Advanced’ then ‘Settings’ underperformance.
  • On the performance options, select ‘Visual effects,’ ‘Adjust for best performance,’ ‘Apply,’ then click OK.

Cleaning Up Your System  

Upon extended usage, computers accumulate a lot of junk files. This reduces the free space. Consequently, it results in lagging and stuttering. To make Fortnite run faster, consider clearing out the junk files in the following way;

  • On the Windows Search box, type’ Disk Cleanup.’
  • Afterward, select the drive you intend to clean.
  • Click OK.
  • Select ‘Clean Up System Files’, then click OK.
  • Having reached this far, start cleaning the junk files by deleting the same from the drive.
  • Finally, reboot your device and notice the changes in Fortnite’s performance.

Setting your PC to High-performance Mode

This has got everything to do with your device’s power options. Some devices are, noteworthy, by default, set to balanced or power-saving mode, automatically lowering performance while upholding power efficiency.

However, if that’s not the case with your device, you may change the settings by following these steps;

  • Launch the Control Panel upon opening the Start menu.
  • Select ‘Hardware and Sound.’
  • Click ‘Power Options.’
  • Afterward, adjust the power plan by toggling the mode from ‘Balanced’ or ‘Power-Saver’ to ‘High-performance mode.’

Defragment Your PC 

This is a pretty straight forward process. It’s not as sophisticated as it sounds. Once done, it helps Fortnite run better on your device. To defragment your drives, follow these steps;

  • Click the start menu, then search for a program known as ‘Defragment and Optimize Drives.’
  • Afterward, click on Main Drive or System Drive, which is Drive C.
  • Upon selecting the main drive, click on optimize and wait since it takes time for the defragmentation to conclude.

Increasing the size of Virtual Memory  

Low RAM compromises the device’s performance and, by extension, Fortnite’s performance. However, increasing the size of Virtual Memory is one way to go around this problem. Virtual Memory transfers data to disk storage, thus, compensating for the actual physical memory. 

Having an SSD (Solid State Drive) is advantageous over HDD (Hard Disk Drive). If you are desirous of increasing the size of your device’s Virtual Memory, follow these steps;

  • Click on the Start menu and search ‘Advanced System Settings.’
  • On the System Properties Window, select ‘Advanced.’ Under the Performance tab, click on settings.
  • Click on ‘Advanced’ then click on ‘Change.’ On the Virtual Memory Window, the ‘Automatically Manage Paging Size’ option should be deselected. 
  • Go ahead and choose your system drive, then select the ‘Custom Size’ option.
  • After that, key in the ‘Initial’ and ‘Maximum’ sizes of the Virtual Memory, click OK. Noteworthy, punch in the recommended size in the ‘Initial Size’ option while the ‘Maximum Size’ set it to 1.5 times higher than the physical Memory.
  • Restart the game and see the improvement.

Re-Install Fortnite 

Re-installing the game could help Fortnite run better on your device. If you had installed the game long ago, the chances are that there is an accumulation of junk files. The result is that you may experience stuttering and lag while gaming. Re-installing Fortnite from Epic Games’ Launcher should fix this problem for you.   

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How to Make Fortnite Run Better on a Mac

Playing Fortnite Battle Royale on a Mac is not a guarantee that you will experience a lag-free game or not suffer low FPS. Far from it, actually. Just like in other devices, you are exposed to significant disadvantages. However, the good news is that you may fix your problems on a Mac by following this guide;

  • Install Boot Camp- Since most games run better on Windows, Apple developed Boot Camp to assist you in installing Microsoft Windows Operating System on a MacBook. You may then install Fortnite on the Windows partition.
  • Avoid playing  on Window Mode and play the game on Fullscreen mode only.
  • Turn all settings to low to maximize your output.
  • Avoid unnecessary background programs. Before starting the game, ensure all applications which you won’t be using are closed. 


Q1: Why is Fortnite so laggy on Ps4?

This phenomenon is occasioned by the communication delay between the game’s servers and your network.

Q2: Does increasing RAM increase FPS?

It only does so for small amounts of RAM, say 4GB. Increasing it affects the FPS positively. However, beyond 8GB RAM, the FPS will only be impacted by the GPU.

Q3: Is high FPS bad?

No! On the contrary, the higher the FPS, the smoother the experience.  


The above methods are some of the means you may employ to make Fortnite run better. It is not an exhaustive list. We hope it will prove helpful in assisting you to enjoy a lag-free, stuttering-free, excellent Fortnite experience. Get in there and kick some ass!

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