Dell vs HP: Which Brand to Buy in 2022 and Why

Dell vs HP: The Main Differences

HP laptops feature-rich designs, unlike Dell laptops that often have standard-looking designs. Dell laptops were traditionally known to be the chunky ones. They took longer than HP to transition to the thinner, lightweight models. HP laptops are quite versatile. The bulky nature of Dell laptops makes them suitable for gaming, as they have room for better hardware.

Pitting one great against another? HP vs Dell. The two brands manufacture laptops of good quality. Under scrutiny, you will find some differences. HP laptops tend to be the better-looking ones. Dell’s designs have an air of familiarity about them.

You can find devices in various colors from both brands. HP laptops come in traditional colors that may not be as appealing to some eyes. Dell tends to make cheaper laptops when compared to HP. They make suitable gaming devices, whereas Hewlett Packard dabbles in both gaming and business laptops. Below is a more detailed comparison of the two.

Dell vs HP: A Detailed Comparison

Gaming laptops

HP is one of the best laptop brands for gaming and that’s mainly because of its Omen Series. It is an Intel Core i7-9750H, 64 GB RAM, and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8GB graphics card.

These features make the HP Omen great for gaming, streaming, and video editing. The 4K Ultra-HD IPS Display is perfect for entertainment. You can use the laptop for a more extended period without straining your eyes.

The battery has a long life, which makes it useful for gaming. You do not have to constantly power up your laptop if you decide to spend more extended periods playing games. However, the sound output could be better. The colors are not as vivid as some users would like. Colors matter. They change the mood and give you that positive vibe when playing games. For gamers, aesthetics make powerful statements.

A fair representation of a gaming laptop from Dell comes in the Alienware series and the G series. The Windows 10 OS and the 4K display make gaming fun. Taking a good look at the Dell G5, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics make great visuals a breeze. The HP Omen is one of our favorites for games that require great sound quality. It gives you a theatrical experience.

The Alienware M 15 R3 laptop is one of the best Dell gaming computers. The RAM is up to 32GB and the storage up to 512GB SSD. You can have plenty of games stored on this drive. The build quality is excellent. You will find that the display refresh rates are high-speed. The only factor that might be a problem is that it is not ideal for users looking for affordable devices.

Dell makes gaming devices that are beautiful and powerful. We like that their newer models are skinny, have backlit keyboards, and run smoothly. However, some factors might drive users to HP gaming laptops.

Dell laptops are not as stylish as HP ones. Appearance might be one factor to push users to HP. This does not change the fact that Dell laptops, especially the Alienware laptops series, are exceptional for gaming.

For Business laptops

HP Zbook laptop is a fair representation of a good business laptop. It features impressive planning and design. Users who are into construction and art are likely to find it useful. It works just as well for drafting budgets and worksheets.

The fact that it has 512GB of storage space makes it great for storing all your business documents. The memory is up to 32GB as well, which is adequate for a business laptop. You have the liberty to use several apps simultaneously.

The 3D data and 2D blueprints make your working experience smooth. It is also ideal for drafting workflows. These may include the designing of circuit boards and any content that requires SolidEdge and AutoCAD.  It is quite a durable device that you should expect to use for a lifetime. It can survive harsh conditions. You do not have to be worried about where you take your laptop.

The HP Pavilion is also a good business laptop. It has a sturdy design for a reasonably priced laptop. It is fast when compared to other 2-in-1 laptops. This makes you more productive.

The HP Zbook series is better than the HP Pavilion because the latter is better used as a desktop since it is a bit heavy. It is not ideal in a workspace where mobility and flexibility is a prerequisite.

The HP Envy x360 13 is trending as a valuable business laptop. It is outstanding because it has a long battery life, precise visuals, and a stylish design. It strikes an outstanding balance between cost and performance.

It has 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD, which is plenty of storage and memory. The touch screen display makes it convenient to use. You can rotate it up to 360 degrees. That is pretty cool for a business laptop.

Dell is excellent for business laptops. The Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1 laptop is my top pick. It is stylish and strong.

It has a battery life that can last up to more than 13 hours without needing a power source. It gives you decent storage and memory. However, the speakers are not as good, and the display is not very bright. This is what keeps HP on top of the business game.

For Budget Laptops

When it comes to budget laptops, Dell takes the trophy. HP makes laptops with higher price tags. You should bear in mind that making budget laptops does not mean that the laptops are of lower quality. They can be just as good as the competing brand. I will pick some of the best budget laptops from Dell.

The Dell XPS 13 falls under affordable laptops. It has a memory of 8GB to 32GB. The storage ranges from 256GB to 2TB SSD. The battery life is longer, and the design is great. As a recent model, it is pricier than some older devices.

The Dell XPS 15 is a bit more advanced than the Dell 13. It is quite portable, and it operates on the 10th generation Intel Core i9. This gives the insight that it has more speed when it comes to transferring data.

The display is huge, which makes it great for any activity. You have a big screen to operate on. It is difficult for the manufacturer to make a balanced laptop with a big screen and lightweight. The battery can last up to the whole working day.

HP does not have as many budget laptops as Dell. The Newest HP 14 inch Chromebook Touch screen laptop has 4GB RAM, 32GB Flash memory, and 10 hours of battery. It comes with a lot of built-in applications and an anti-virus. It can be perfect for light work as it does not come with high-end hardware. Even the HP Pavilion does not meet the standards set by Dell budget laptops.

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For Chromebooks

Dell has the best Chromebooks that are versatile and lightweight. They allow you to multitask. The Dell Chromebook 3189 is exceptionally durable and has a long-life battery. It lasts up to 9 hours, which is good for a Chromebook. The speakers are excellent for entertainment. The display is 11.6-inch display is fairly small. Don’t expect to multitask on this one.

I will move to the Dell Chromebook 3100. It has a battery that lasts up to 14 hours. It has an 11.6 display, which is not that bad since Chromebooks are not known for large screens. The Dell Latitude 14 Chromebook Enterprise is so powerful that you can run several applications simultaneously. It has 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD storage.

The HP 14FHD Touch Chromebook excels in graphics and performance. The HP Chromebook’s HD feature makes any activity on your computer enjoyable, especially when watching videos. HP Chromebooks have the value for money package of great design, power, and cost-efficiency.

There is the new trending HP 14 that is way faster than standard HP Chromebooks. The AMD processor makes it more rapid. The HP Chromebook X360 12-inch comes with a stand and allows you to operate in tablet mode. This makes it flexible to work with, be it gaming or watching movies. You can be mobile as well. It gives you good working or gaming hours. It does not quite beat the Dell Chromebooks.


Some Dell laptops are quite minimal. The New XPS 13 is one of the minimal devices. It is lightweight. It operates using Windows 10, which is easy and convenient to use. You also get the computer numerical control feature that allows precision in any activity.

It has a powerful backlight and an impressive cooling system. The screen is quite durable as it is made up of the new Corning Gorilla Glass 6. The surface does not get scratched easily. The display is great, and it is safe for the eyes.

HP has some innovative laptops with advanced features. ROG Zephyrus, the ZenBook Pro ZenBook 17, and the Spectre x360 are great for innovation. Zephyrus is a good gaming laptop. It is lightweight and powerful.

The HP Zbook 15V G5 is quite an incredible piece of work from HP. This new laptop was introduced in 2019 has more buttons and ports. It has a USB Type-C Thunderbolt, headphone jack, USB 3.1 Gen 1, Gigabit Ethernet port, AC port, and HDMI. It also has 32GB ram, a fingerprint reader, and great graphics. The G5 operates on Intel Core i7-8750H 6-Core processor.

The 2019 Lenovo Yoga 2-in-1 laptop embodies great innovation. It can be rotated up to 360 degrees. It has a robust set of hinges and a fingerprint reader. HP gives you a wide range of innovative laptops. HP is better when it comes to innovation as it makes more laptops that have unique designs.

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Dell Pros & Cons


  • Offers more budget laptops
  • Great gaming laptops
  • Powerful
  • Reliable


  • Standard designs
  • Some laptops are bulky

HP Pros & Cons


  • Great designs
  • Better quality
  • Durable hardware
  • Business-oriented laptops


  • Standard colors.
  • Not ideal for low-budget users.


Where are HP laptops made?

There have been speculations about where HP laptops are manufactured as some say Asia and some in the US. The truth is most HP laptops are designed in the US but manufactured in Asian countries such as China. In some cases, this is where the US-made hardware and parts are assembled.

Which brand is better, HP or Dell?

The best way to answer this question is that it depends on your needs as a user. If you want a good gaming laptop, we recommend Dell. If you are a dedicated business person, you might resort to HP. It tends to have rugged laptops that have decent storage and connectivity.

Which Dell series is best?

Alienware is the best high-end series from Dell. It has innovative laptops that have plenty of space and great designs. It is a well-built series that has great specs. The G-series is also good, but not as good as Alienware. Hardcore gamers have to go for Alienware since it has great visuals and speed.


Dell and HP make great quality laptops. However, Dell is good for gaming and rugged budget laptops. HP is ideal for dedicated business people, although it is not ideal for low-budget users. HP is the more trusted brand, although Dell has great quality laptops as well. There are high-quality devices from both brands.

Dell vs HP presents a range of laptops with integrated graphics across various models. You can find laptops from either brand to meet any price point.

For high-quality laptops, you must also emphasize battery life. Which brand is better? We would say Dell because of their high spec series of devices.

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