Best Settings for Fortnite on Laptop/PC

In this article, we provided you with details on the best settings for Fortnite, which in our opinion, will not only make Fortnite run better on your PC/Laptop but also improve your performance.

After analyzing some notable professional players and the settings they use to play, we are confident that after reading this, you’ll go ahead and board the bus ready to disembark on the island like a pro.

Best Settings for Fortnite on Laptop/PC

Best Mouse Settings for Fortnite

You are familiar with ads, right? Especially those which promise you heaven when shopping for a product but fail miserably on delivering what was promised, yes, those! Gaming mice have also fallen victim to this kind of marketing. Most often than not, you are promised the highest DPI settings, but shock on you if you buy!

But let’s face it, having the best gaming mouse doesn’t guarantee you any win. However, the right gaming mouse can give you the much-desired edge over your competitors while aiming. Mouse sensitivity plays a fundamental role in that regard.

Fortnite provides several sensitivity settings, three to be exact. We will un-package these for you such that once you get the hang of it, you’ll be ready to use any of these approaches. Better still, you will be able to develop your approach. 

Sensitivity & eDPI settings in Fortnite

The good news is that Fortnite allows you to choose your Vertical sensitivity (Y sensitivity) and Horizontal sensitivity (X sensitivity). Previously, you couldn’t and had to deal with the built-in settings. These allowed the Y sensitivity to be 70% of the X sensitivity setting.

However, the pros like their sensitivity settings balanced with the Y and X values being equal.

A lower Y sensitivity, as some pros suggest, comes in handy in tracking enemies.

Among other things, the hallmark of a great Fortnite player is their response to threats, which should be dealt with quickly, decisively, and properly. It would help a player a great deal to set the overall sensitivity (eDPI) neither too high nor too low. A middle ground would suffice. 

The reasoning behind this is that if set too high, the inevitable result would be that the minute adjustments required to obliterate your targets properly would be compromised, leaving you at a loss. Set it too low, and you’ll be smashed before you blink! The point is to be capable of looking around quickly and aim your targets correctly while at it.

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Targeting Sensitivity Settings in Fortnite     

For medium and long-range duels, the Aim Down Sights (ADS) sensitivity is the primary sense. As the pros would agree, this is best set at 100%. However, having a higher eDPI setting would mean that lowering your ADS sensitivity setting to around 50% is an ideal option unless you’re comfortable with aiming just as it is. 

Scope Sensitivity Settings in Fortnite    

Scope sensitivity is a close relative to targeting sens. As such, the two settings should ideally be identical. Consistency is the key here. There’s no point missing out on easy targets. As such, you’d be better placed if you hit all the possible targets, and setting your scope sensitivity to 100% will help you an awesome deal.

The whole point in setting the scope sensitivity to 100% is to negate the chances of the gamer missing easy shots. As such, the player should resist any temptations of going overboard with this mouse setting. Where the eDPI is high, lower the scope setting to balance the two out. The key is to keep it consistent and keep it balanced.

Mouse Buttons settings

Lest you forget, Fortnite is a mechanically intensive game. As such, using keyboard keys may turn out cumbersome at times. Setting your left and right mouse buttons to perform some actions may offer you relief from the left-hand strain. 

Best Keybind Settings for Fortnite

Fortnite isn’t just about a finger on a trigger adrenaline-packed firefights. Each season has building as one of the most notable aspects of the game. Being a great builder in Fortnite requires something beyond quick reflexes. It requires optimization of keybinds for building, well, unless you’re already comfortable with the default settings.

Pro gamers have made the necessary tweaks and customized their keybinds, propelling themselves to stardom. Great Fortnite builders include; Ninja, Tfue, Hamlinz, Daequan, Myth, MrSavage M, Cloak, Mongraal, Jaomock Sypherpk, among other big names. The following is a guide on optimization based on some of the notable pros’ keybinds.


This guy is a living legend on Fortnite. The following are the Keybind settings he works with to maintain his status as one of the biggest names ever on Fortnite. You could try it out and see how it works out for you.

  • Weapon Slot 5 – X
  • Weapon Slot 4 – Z
  • Wall – Mouse Button 4
  • Roof – Left Shift
  • Floor – Q
  • Building Edit – F
  • Jump – Space Bar
  • Use – E


Yet another notable name in Fortnite whose success is only comparable to a few others in the game. The following are some of his keybinds;

  • Building Edit – G
  • Roof – O
  • Stairs – Mouse 5
  • Wall – Q
  • Floor – Mouse 4
  • Harvesting tool – Tab


This is another great player who’s enjoyed immense success in Fortnite. Here are some of his keybinds ;

  • Building Edit – G
  • Floor – F
  • Weapons slot 4&5 – Mouse wheel up and down respectively
  • Wall – Mouse 4 
  • Roof – V


Tfue attributes most of his success to keybinding. You can also tweak your settings in line with his’. Some of his best keybinds include;

  •  Weapons Slots 2-6 – Corresponding numerical keys (2-6)
  • Floor – E
  • Building Edit – V
  • Wall – C
  • Harvesting tool – 1


He is currently one of the best guys doing it out there. Like the other pro players, tweaking the default settings into customized keybinds has proved to be one of his greatest strengths. Some of his best keybinds are;

  • Building Edit – Y
  •  Roof – F4
  • Wall – F
  • Floor – G
  •  Weapon Slots – 2-6 (corresponding with the weapon)
  •  Use – E

However, it is noteworthy that what works for other people won’t necessarily work for you. Consequently, we advise that as you try these different keybinds, develop your settings if they don’t seem to propel you to the heights you desire. 

Toggle Targeting Settings 

Having this setting on may interfere with a quick shotgun shot and switching your targets. It is best to have it off such that triggering ADS becomes a matter of holding as opposed to pressing the aiming button.

To do this, proceed to the game’s settings and click combat. After that, turn off toggle targeting and click “apply” to effect the change.


Sprinting in Fortnite may be key-bound. However, for the best results, tweaking the settings by turning on Sprint by default saves you time and effort, which you may direct towards other aspects of the game. 

To adjust your built-in settings, go to game settings on the menu and select movements. Afterward, select Sprint by default and click Apply to apply the changes.

Turbo Building

Fortnite’s building mechanics allow for a thrilling experience. Consequently, building faster gives you an edge than building piece by piece. Turning turbo building on allows you to build without any issues, and saves you from spam clicking. 

To get this, go to game settings, click on building and turn turbo building on, then apply to effect the changes.

Best Texture settings

Besides having great skills, winning demands adjusting the type of texture configurations currently on Fortnite to squeeze every ounce of performance out of your device, or else you’ll be smoked soon after landing from the battle bus.

Setting the game’s textures to low creates a big difference. The reasoning behind this is that Fornite graphics settings at their maximum are highly impactful on your NVIDIA GPU. You can go to game settings, video settings and click on graphics quality. Turn the settings to low and apply the changes.

Vsync Settings

The best gaming laptops for Fortnite have a 144Hz and above screen refresh rate. However, the flip side is the caveat placed by Fortnite, which regulates and maintains the frame rate limit to 60fps.

If you need higher fps on your machine, you may experiment by turning Vsync off. This is done by going to the game menu, settings, choose video settings, go to advanced graphics settings and turn Vsync off.

Consumables settings 

The best approach to this is to auto-sort the consumables list to the right side of your inventory. This feature saves you time while preventing you from picking the wrong item during combat.

Best Fortnite Settings: A Summary

3D Resolution1920×1080
Motion blurOFF
View DistanceMEDIUM
Frame Rate LimitUnlimited/ equal to your monitor
Windowed ModeFullscreen
Allow multi-thread renderingON, unless the FPS dips
NVIDIA highlightsOFF
Toggle SprintOFF
Turbo BuildingON
Sprint by defaultON
Toggle TargetingOFF
Auto pickup weaponsOFF
Hold to swap pick upOFF
Tap to search and interactON
ResolutionMust be equal to your Monitor

Settings Used by Top Players


Color Blind strength10
Window modeFull
Colorblind modeDeuteranope
HUD scale0.80
Frame Rate Limit240 FPS
Polling rate500Hz
Mouse DPI400
View DistanceMedium
Scope sensitivity40%
Targeting Sensitivity30%
Mouse Sensitivity Y12%
Mouse Sensitivity X12%
Brightness calibration1.00
Post ProcessingLOW


Edit delay0.100
Window modeFullscreen
Colorblind modeOFF
HUD scale1.00
Frame Rate Limit240 FPS
Polling rate500Hz
Mouse DPI800
View DistanceFAR
Scope sensitivity0.300
Targeting Sensitivity0.300
Mouse Sensitivity Y0.70
Mouse Sensitivity X0.100
Brightness calibration0.69
Post ProcessingLOW
3D Resolution1920×1080


Window modeFull
Frame Rate Limit240 FPS
Polling rate1000Hz
Mouse DPI800
View DistanceEpic
Scope sensitivity28%
Targeting Sensitivity28%
Mouse Sensitivity Y5%
Mouse Sensitivity X5%
Post ProcessingLOW
3D resolution1920×1080
Motion blurOFF


What are the best sound settings for Fortnite?

Audio settings play a crucial role in Fortnite and can even help know the enemies’ location and what they’re doing. Sound settings have to be just right. Set them as follows;

  • Music – low or off, 
  • Sound effects- 60% 
  • Cinematics- 50% or more
  • Sound Quality- High
  • 3D headphones- On
  • Background audio-off
  • Visualization sound effects-off 

Do Fortnite pros use 7.1 surround sound?

Yes, they do! Since the upgrade from 5.1 surround sound, you can now hear sounds like footsteps of the enemies and even where they’re firing from. The weapon sounds have also changed. This is a good thing. It gives you an edge. However, you’ve got to have a unique headphone or sound driver to reap this benefit.  

Why can’t I hear anybody on Fortnite?

As frustrating as it is, you can fix it. If you’re experiencing this problem, you can try out doing the following;

  • Make sure to switch on your microphone. 
  • Check out your audio settings.
  • Sign out, then sign back in.
  • Consider updating your sound card drivers.
  • Re-install Fortnite


Fortnite has a wide range of settings, some of which are very confusing. However, on the bright side, Epic games have given you the incredible opportunity to customize this array of Fortnite settings and tweak the same to your liking. You can easily rely on other pro player’s settings to boost your performance.

We acknowledge that this guide doesn’t touch on all the possible settings on Fortnite. However, the good news that we are confident the ones we’ve shed light on shall cause a great improvement in your gaming experience.

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