Acer vs HP: Picking the Better Brand for Gaming and Other Laptops

Acer vs HP: The Main Differences

The main difference between Acer and HP is that Acer has a wide range of budget devices, whereas HP focuses more on the upper tier of quality laptops that are not ideal for low-budget users.

Acer and HP are two great brands that manufacture rugged laptops and other computing devices. Their differences cannot go unnoticed. HP is the more famous of the two brands. It has produced high-quality laptops for several decades.

Acer has gained popularity due to its affordable options. It is reliable and has a wide range of budget computers. To add to their quality, HP also has a wide range of convertible laptops.

Below is a more detailed comparison of the two brands. We have covered some of the things that you may overlook when making your choice.

HP Vs Acer

Gaming Laptops

The HP Omen 15-inch gaming laptop has an 8GB memory. It has incredible speed as it runs with an Intel Core i7 processor. The color effects complement the performance that the device offers.

The comprehensive 15 inches display gives you an incredible experience when used for videos and images. Credit is given to the IPS Tech.

Long hours of playing games are guaranteed because the device has battery optimization features. The colorful keyboard gives it a stylish look that complements the gaming capabilities.

Great graphics, a fast processor, excellent sound, and a more extraordinary design makes it a complete gaming package. Although it is made up of aluminum rather than the plastic makeover that some devices have, it remains lightweight.

The motherboard is appealing as it supports all sorts of games. It has a USB Ethernet Adapter that makes it very easy to connect your Notebook to the Ethernet network. The cooling feature makes sure you do not have to experience excessive heating from your laptop.

The HP Pavilion is also a good gaming laptop. It is thin and has great graphics. The processing power is quite fast, and that is what makes it suitable for multitasking. Just like the HP Omen 15, it has a great cooling system. This gives you an incredible experience when gaming as you can be as comfortable as you want.

Stability best describes the device. The power lasts up to 8 hours. The graphics are made up of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.

Acer-Predator Triton 900 is a good gaming laptop. The only limitation is the fact that the power could be better. The display is in 4K with the NVIDIA GeForce technology creates a satisfactory viewing experience when playing games.

The display is 17.3 inches large, which is plenty for wide viewing. These features give you realistic and cinematic images.

The device allows you to be flexible and comfortable. It has the right way of maintaining sound when the air is flowing in and out of the device to maintain the laptop’s cooling.

What makes the cooling system important when it comes to gaming is that the chances are high that you will have extended hours of playing. This builds up heating hence the need to cool it down.

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For Business Laptops

You can get a good HP laptop for business. The HP ZBook laptops are mighty options. Besides maximum performance, security is essential for business laptops. A fair representation of the highly secured business device is the HP ZBook 15.

It is great for business and engineering. You can easily manage the device and secure your files and documents.

The HP ZBook 15, which is referred to as the mobile workstation, allows you to be as productive as possible in the workplace. Not only is it powerful but also stylish due to its sleek finishing. The processor is potent, as are the graphics.

It has fast connectivity that powers up your computer to the extent that you will not have to wait longer to connect to your Wi-Fi. Data transfer is also very quick. It is designed to withstand all the pressures that come with work.

The fact that it is lightweight makes carrying it from one office to the other bearable. You can easily collaborate with your workmates. It is effortless to keep extensive files and documents due to the 1.8 TB storage that it comes with.

It is also reliable and secure as it has a fingerprint reader, which is essential to modern business technology. The keyboard is spill-resistant, which makes it more durable.

The Acer Spin 3 and the Asus ZenBook Flip S are also useful for business. It has a large display and longer battery life than the ZenBook series. What makes the Spin laptop a good business laptop is that it is a convertible computer with a 14-inch display.

The type of hinge, which is 360 degrees rotational, makes it user-friendly as you can read, write or watch videos in a flexible position. You can use it in four modes, and these include: using it as a laptop, tablet, stand-form, and upside down. The hinges are supportive and durable, which makes the device functional, and versatile.

The connectivity is superb, as is the cooling system. It has a Thunderbolt 3 connector that makes it possible to connect a lot of 4K displays.

Air is allowed to flow in and out of the device. It will not heat and interrupt your work. The charging dock is very quick and stylish. Not all computers come with a dock. The high-end specs make this device great for business.

This is a tight competition as these two computers have a lot to offer in the corporate world. However, the ZBook laptop tends to give more as it is both powerful and lightweight, which are the fundamentals of a good business laptop.

For Budget Laptops

When it comes to budget laptops, there is no doubt that Acer is the better option as it manufactures computers that are as good as they come. Even though most of these laptops have inferior hardware, they have laptops for everyone.

Aspire is quite a versatile brand that makes budget devices and value for the money products. The s3 budget gadgets are not limited to basic or standard features, they also have advanced features that make them worth buying. The Aspire series has a collection of devices that are easy to maintain and use as well.

Aspire 5 A5 15-51-50Y5 is one of the budget laptops that perform well. It has 8GB RAM and an Intel Core i7 processor.

I cannot classify it as a lower-range device which makes me suppose that it is a great budget laptop that comes with more than minimal features. It supports a lot of apps, has great audio settings, and has decent battery life.

There is no compromise to the build quality as one would expect from a low budget device. It performs well, although it comes with some additional weight. It meets the standards of a well-built laptop.

You can even choose to leave the mid-range computers opting for this Acer Aspire 5. An outstanding balance between cost and performance makes it incredible. The only limitation is that it takes ages to edit and render videos.  

The Acer Chromebook Spin 311 Convertible device is a 2 in 1 laptop that gives more than what is expected from computers below 300. What is so special about this laptop is the fact that it is 360 degrees rotational. This kind of innovative and convenient feature on a budget laptop is a huge bonus.

Functionality may convince you to choose this laptop even if you were expecting to pay more for another Acer version. The battery life is incredible, as is connectivity.

Although the Acer swift 3 (2020) could be better for gaming, it supports some light games. The fact that it performs well when it comes to multitasking makes it a powerful budget computer. It is an Ultrabook that is reasonably price. What makes it portable is the fact that it is very thin.

Ultrabooks have touch screen displays, a voice recognition feature, great battery life, and NFC Technology. These are useful features for a budget laptop.

Unlike some affordable laptops that do not have an incredible battery life, Acer Swift 3 (2020) has decent battery life. The audio is not that great. To sum up the above evaluation on the Swift laptop, it is attractively priced and is portable but does not support heavy games.

Paying particular attention to the above-mentioned laptops, I would go for Acer since it makes advanced laptops for lower prices.

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For Chromebooks

HP has a wide range of Chromebooks. The HP Chromebook 15-de0517wm has 4GB RAM and 128GB of storage. This quite minimal even for a Chromebook, but it is the perfect device for documents and other small files. The screen is 15.6inch Full HD, which is fair enough.

The HP Chromebook x360 is an advanced version of a Chromebook with the latest 10th Generation Intel i3 processor. It is suitable for light games and light workflow. It has 8GB RAM and 64GB storage.

The 14 inch display is fairly good. It has a fingerprint reader that makes the device secure. It has a stylish look.

The HP 14 FHD Touch Chromebook excels in graphics card and performance. The HP Chromebook’s HD feature makes any activity on your computer enjoyable, especially when you are watching videos.

HP Chromebooks have the value for money package of great design, power, and cost-efficiency. There is the new trending HP14 that is way faster than standard HP Chromebooks.

What makes it faster is the AMD processor. The HP Chromebook X360 12-inch gives you a stand and allows you to operate in tablet mode.

This makes it flexible to work with, be it gaming or watching movies. You can be mobile as well. It gives you plenty working or gaming hours. It has the best value of a Chromebook.

When it comes to Chromebooks, it is not about going that extra mile paying more, but having those essential features that can bring excellent performance. They are made up of affordable laptops that are very easy to use. Taking a look at Acer Chromebook 514, it has a 14inch full HD, 4GB RAM, and 2 USB ports.

It is not quite outstanding, but it gives you excellent performance. It is strong, stylish and has a big display. As much as it does not attract only high budget users, it is tough. It does not have that cheap feeling when you touch it.

The battery can last up to 12 hours. The camera is exceptional. You can also install Google apps that are often confined to smartphones.

Acer Chromebook Spin 713 has a beautiful screen and allows you work on multiple tasks simultaneously. The keyboard makes you type with ease.

You do not have to strain your fingers. It has an HDMI port that is not always included on Chromebooks. However, the audio output could have been better.

HP takes the trophy for Chromebooks. As much as Acer makes beautiful Chromebooks that are of good quality, HP has more innovative Chromebooks.

Of course, Chromebooks are there to fulfill a minimal laptop’s essential functions, but a few advances are always appreciated.


The Swift 7 SF714-52T is a package of innovation. It is a think and portable device. This is good for business, especially if you are traveling or have the kind of business that requires mobility and flexibility. Innovation on this particular laptop is best described in three words:  ultra-thin, ultra-light, and ultra-compact.

Not only is it handy, but it also has a decent battery that lasts up to 13 hours. It comes with the new 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8500Y processor. This makes it so fast that no matter you can run several many applications without noticing lag.

The 14inch display is good as you can have a decent view on your laptop. The storage is up to 512GB SSD, and it has a RAM of 16GB. The device is made up of magnesium-lithium and aluminum alloys, while it remains lightweight.

The laptop has two USB port, and it supports the Thunderbolt 3. The backlit keyboard is an attractive feature for users in the business world and beyond.

It has a fingerprint reader, which is another feature that adds high level security to the device. Your wireless signal is made robust by using the Gigabit Wi-fi with 2×2 MU-MMO technology.

The Predator 21X is a fair representation of a good gaming laptop. It has a 21inch curved screen. This is super awesome as you are given an extensive screen for excellent viewing.

You do not have to strain your eyes to see very tiny objects on your screen. The Tobii eye-tracking feature enhances user experience by determining your gaze point.

Even though you have to pay a small fortune to purchase the laptop, the extra features that come with it are worthwhile. It has a great and complete package of advanced features that include a reversible touchpad, eye-tracking cameras, and WASD keys that can be swapped.

The keyboard has a classic look and sturdy keys that are durable, fast, responsive, accurate, and comfortable to use, especially when playing games. As much as they can be noisy and more decadent, they are worth having. 

The HP ZBook series is ideal for modern users because it facilitates flexibility in the corporate world. Impressive hardware specs and performance are the hallmark of the ZBook series.

It is quite versatile as it can be used by both professionals and creatives. The displays are brighter than standard ones. The sleek designs make the models appealing to the eye.

The HP ZBook Studio  x360 is a good example of the ZBook that is more innovative. You can rotate it up to 360 degrees. These angles give a high level of flexibility to the user.

Not only is it highly convertible, but it is also powerful. Part of its innovate features include the IPS technology. It also has the Thunderbolt 3 feature, several ports, and widescreen.

It is tough to tell which brand takes the trophy for innovation as these two brands have been competing as they try to update older models to give new laptop advanced features on their laptops. I would choose the HP ZBooks as it strikes an outstanding balance between creativity and performance.

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Acer Pros and Cons


  • Well-priced
  • Wide range of laptops
  • Durability is possible depending on how you handle your laptop.
  • Reliable
  • Several choices of color


  • Durability is not guaranteed.
  • The warranty could be better.

HP Pros and Cons


  • Better quality
  • Numerous ports
  • Wide range of convertible laptops.
  • Decent battery.
  • Excels in great designs.


  • Not ideal for low-budget users.
  • The customer service could have been better.


Why is my Acer laptop battery draining so fast?

Background applications tend to be the main reason for batteries draining so fast. You might also be running several programs that are not necessary at the same time. Start by closing any unnecessary applications through your task manager or Monitor (on MacOS).

Is Acer a good brand of laptop?

Of course, Acer is a good brand. It is a brand that has a laptop for everyone. It has numerous budget computers. Some of their budget laptops have hardware that can go toe-to-toe with pricier alternatives. Acer is stocked in most computer stores across the globe because it is a trustworthy brand.


What do you think of HP and Acer? As much as both brands have their own high-quality laptops, there is always one brand that focuses more on cost and quality. Acer laptops come in a wide range that is affordable. HP laptops focus more on high-quality products.

HP tends to make laptops of better quality that are not as cost-efficient. You can still have an Acer laptop that will last longer if you handle it with care. In this case, you have to weigh your options right since you know what is best to invest in. That’s how you make the right choice.

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